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Window screens are the most delicate component of your window system.  We offer cleaning and care for your screens. 

Paneless windows uses a Xero screen cleaning machine that does a great job keeping your screens functioning properly.  It is a chemical free process that will not harm your screens. 

Here are a few guidelines for keeping your screens looking new for a lifetime.

• Consistent cleaning program.   We recommend cleaning screens in the spring and fall. 

• Outside screens should not be on your house in the winter.  Many screens have plastic parts that do not hold up to the constant freeze and thaw cycles.  Screens also reduce the amount of warm sunlight entering the home.

• Vacuum window sills.   Dirt and grime collecting on the bottom of the screen tracks will shorten the life of your screens.

• Repair damage.  Small holes are a sign you need new screen material.  We have associates that can do this work for you.

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